A 5-day, 500 mike charity bike ride through PA and NY to raise money for animal rescue

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2013 Ride

Welcome to the 5th Annual Pedaling4Paws Ride postings!

The 2013 Pedaling4Paws Ride is from Tuesday, June 18 to Saturday, June 22, 2012.  To see the entire event – from pre-ride preparations to the completion of the 5 day journey, click here


One Response to “2013 Ride”

  1. Mike V. said

    What to bring?
    There have been several people asking “What should I bring”. Although we
    covered this verbally at the gathering some weeks back and there’s a version
    of this shown in past blogs, Gary convinced me that a proper list would make
    sense to share. Smart guy, that Gary!

    Attached, please find the “What to bring” list. Please note that the list is
    split into 3 sections:

    – What we plan to bring (largely bike or on-bike related stuff)
    – Carry On bag (i.e. what you should pack, largely clothing and personal
    stuff, but also anything unique to your equipment)
    – What’s in a saddle bag (which you probably already do every time you ride)

    I want to stress again that over-packing is not recommended. You will be
    spending 80% of your waking time in cycling kits and everywhere we go after
    riding will allow us to be in shorts and our P4P t-shirts. We will also
    likely be washing our clothes at the end of Day 3 when we visit with a host
    family, so bring the netted laundry bag suggested in the list a group of
    riders can throw all their stuff into a single cold-water wash. Even if you
    don’t do this, you can (and likely will) hand wash your jersey and shorts
    along the way – the stuff dries ridiculously fast, so no need to pack 5
    separate kits!

    Here is what we plan to bring:
    • Bike mechanics Kit (everything we need to repair a bike other than a broken frame or headset replacement!) including Mobil 1 synthetic grease for Gary
    • Floor pump, 2 spare wheels (1 front, 1 back (Shimano compatible 10 speed cassette))
    • First Aid Kit (mini-version)
    • Beach towels (to sit on in the car when driving)
    • 2 Gallons of water per vehicle – always have hydration when we need it and ice (in a supplied cooler)
    • Gatorade mix and/or Gatorade type hydration for those who prefer more electrolytes
    • Nutrition – Powerbars, Cliff bars, GU gels, etc. – all personal preference per rider and about 2 to 3 of each per rider, per day
    • Tissues, wipes and a trash/recycling bag to keep ourselves and the vehicle clean!
    • A bucket with rags and bottle of detergent
    • Money for gas, accommodations, and food
    • Sport watch/heart rate monitor/GPS and Road ID!
    A typical “carry on” bag in the car (bag is about 2ft x 1ft x 1ft)
    • Shorts, t-shirt, ear plugs and eye cover (as used on airplane), in case someone you share a room with snores! Sleeping attire, underwear and other unmentionables.
    • 2 cycling kits (jersey, shorts, gloves, socks, headband). P4P jersey and black shorts preferred, WCCC Yellow or WCCC Red colors if you don’t have a P4P jersey. WCCC yellow shorts go well with the P4P jersey as do the yellow or green WCCC gloves
    • Arm warmer (thin), base layer (thin), rain vest, sweat band, etc…
    • 1 zip lock bag with electronics – camera battery charger, i-phone charger/cable, paper cue sheets, spare batteries for GPS, wallet
    • Running shoes or flip-flops for when not on the bike (and a plastic bag to keep them in)
    • Chamois Butt’r or equivalent if you use butt cream. Coppertone Sport sunscreen (SPF-30) and a tube of diaper crème just in case of rashes.
    • 1 zip lock bag with toiletries – razor, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.
    • 1 zip lock bag with pro-link lube (or whatever you use)
    • Spare tubes x 4, Spare tires x 2 (just in case)
    • Anything special to your bike like Spare cleats, Zipp bottom bracket with bottom bracket tool, Sidi’s replacement parts, etc.
    • More Power bars, gels, power-bar electrolyte powder mix (enough for all of us in individual serving packets)
    • A laundry bay (Netted bag for washing machine to keep your clothes separate from others (Target: $5)
    • Personal stuff like contact solutions, eye drops, vitamin pills, etc…
    • Wallet with driver’s license and medical insurance cards, cash and credit cards (although I will likely carry this and my cell phone with headset in my back jersey pouch.)
    Your saddle bag should contain:
    • a spare tube, 2 Allen keys, full size chain tool, tire levers, screw driver (flat & Philips)
    • Chain master link (10 speed), derailleur cables (front/rear), brake cable (1 each)
    • Money and medical card, but the wallet stays in my above bag
    • Emergency ID with doctor and family contact info
    • Elastics and twist ties plus zip-ties – for the McGyver moments
    • Finger nail clips (to cut the cables if we have repair issues)

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