A 5-day, 500 mike charity bike ride through PA and NY to raise money for animal rescue

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Pedaling4Paws Website

In early 2009, Viktor Ohnjec planned a long-distance ride from West Chester, PA to his parent’s home in Montreal, Quebec.   A short time later, Viktor recruited a fellow cyclist, Mike Van Ryn to ride along with him.  Mike’s brother, a local business owner, caught wind of their adventure and offered to pledge a dollar to the local SPCA for every mile Mike rode.  The ride quickly gained the attention of the local cycling community, the media and residents and soon more money came in on behalf of the ride.  Eventually, nearly $2000 was raised to benefit the Chester County SPCA.  Not bad considering this was not a charity ride. In 2010, more people rode, and over $5000 was raised. In 2011, Pedaling4Paws raised over $11,000!

For 2012, Pedaling4Paws is rolling again from West Chester, PA to Ogdensburg, NY from Tuesdsay, June 19, 2012 to Saturday, June 23, 2012. Track them on this blog, like them on Facebook or visit the Pedaling4Paws website

Visit the Pedaling4Paws website

Thank you,

Viktor Ohnjec
Mike Van Ryn
Gary Bianchini
Charles St. Maurice

For more information, visit the Pedaling4Paws website!


9 Responses to “Pedaling4Paws Website”

  1. Randy Barrows and The Gang at Amtrak said

    Wanted to Wish Monika and Frank Good luck hope all is well. Just Keep Pedaling, Just Keep Pedaling! PAWS, Just Keep Pedaling!

  2. Allyson Lindauer said

    Hi Viktor,
    How are you? How is it going? I wish I could be pedaling with you guys. I would like to make a do I put it in your name?


    • vohnjec said

      Hi Allyson
      Thanks for the offer to donate. We are encouraging all who wish to donate to go to the website and to find the SPCA or shelter of their choice from the list. You can usually donate online or send a check but please mark or somehow show Pedaling4Paws on you donation. If nothing else post the date, amount and name of the place you chose so we can include in our tabulations! Thanks again!!

  3. Nadine said

    Hello! Hope everyone is well! Love this pics and stories – especially those Great Pyrenees dogs – beautiful! What happened to the pics I took of you all at the beginning of your ride in West Chester? Anyway – good luck today and for the remainder of the day! XO to Gary! -Nadine

  4. tellmeyourejokingnia said

    Love you, Dad! Have an awesome ride!

  5. Rob said

    I met you guys today in Topton at The Market Cafe. I was riding my Eddy Merckx. Good luck on your trip! Safe travels.
    See you on the road,

  6. Wuz said

    Unless you love mountains…. Consider this from Gibraltar to Topton.
    5 mile on trail, light city streets, soft rolling farmland.
    {+ 2 bike shops on route.}

    • vohnjec said

      That’s an excellent suggestion and I believe we will use that loop for the 2012 ride. At this point, we’re committed to the route we have, if only because we published it in advance for those who wanted to join up with us.

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