A 5-day, 500 mike charity bike ride through PA and NY to raise money for animal rescue

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Chester County SPCA

Posted by charlespedaling4paws on June 28, 2012

After our trip back to West Chester, we visited the Chester County SPCA where Viktor Ohnjec presented a cheque of $1,820 to Kathryn Sippel, Operations Manager at the CC SPCA. These funds were raised with the sale of raffle tickets for a print called “Memories of Love” generously donated by renowned artist Juan Vela and framed by Visual Expansion Gallery of West Chester. We need to mention that one P4P rider generously donated $1000 the the CC SPCA above the raffle tickets and that donations are still coming in on behalf of P4P! What a great success story!

7 out of the 12 P4P 500 miles in 5 days cyclists were present and 8 who did the partial ride were not able to attend and were there in spirit!

Picture from left to right: 5 day riders Ed Stillman, Jerry Leugers and Gary Bianchini, Kathryn Sippel Operations Manager CC SPCA,
5 day riders Viktor Ohnjec, Youssef Nifaoui and Charles St-Maurice, Doris Vela, Juan Vela’s spouse, 5 day rider Mike Dirks

So, we understand that our supported shelters received several big donations at $100, $200, $300 and even $1000! Can you add to your favorite shelter and let them know it’s in honor of Pedaling 4 Paws? Please do and let’s make the 2012 ride be a huge success by exceeding our $15000 goal in contributions! The 4 legged are barking and meowing a loud THANK YOU!



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