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Quick Rest Stop in Adams

Posted by vohnjec on June 24, 2011

Let’s talk about dropping people. As most people know, I can be competitive and when Brian jump ahead of me a first time, I said “Okay, no problem. I won’t take the bait but I will just slowly catch him”. When he did it the second time, I took off in front of him and after about 5 minutes, I let him get to about 30 feet back and then kicked it up to 35 mph. I did that 3 more times before my smirk factor was low enough to stop. By then I let Brian catch me and we saw that the next town was Adams, our targeted rest stop, so we rolled into an American Legion and waited and waited and waited for the rest. As I stand here blogging, they still haven’t shown up, so here’s the photo of Brian.


Oh and by the way, we also stopped in Selkirk Shores State Park which is off Route 3 and right on Lake Ontario.

You may be able to notice that the Nine Mile Point nuclear reactor tower in Oswego in in the background. I will take a photo or two when the others arrive and post when done… still waiting.


4 Responses to “Quick Rest Stop in Adams”

  1. mvrnpa said

    We (Rich and I) would have been there sooner if it hadn’t been for Rich’s second flat of the day. The first one was expertly repaird under the shade of an old Oak tree. The second one required a bit more effort. You see, Rich ran over some glass and immediately his rear tire went flat. He rode in the SAG for a bit, but then we tried to swap wheels only to discover the spare tire wouldn’t hold air either. Ugh! In the end, we stopped made it to the American Legion Post in Adams where Viktor and Gary fixed the tire and Rich was back on the road.

  2. vohnjec said

    Thanks Mary! The good news is that we finally found the rest of the group and it turned out that they had another flat. We’ll blog more at dinner, but we arrived just before the rain hit Watertown!

  3. Great photos and updates… keep it coming!

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