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Dinner at the Tilted Kilt in Watertown

Posted by mvrnpa on June 24, 2011

Here's Rich enjoying himself at the Tilted Kilt

Sometimes things happen for reasons that we just can’t explain. For example, we had Rich Conely and Brian Six from the Beer Path Cycling Club join us on our Marcellus to Watertown leg our our ride.   This was the longest ride either on these guys have done to date-a total of 104.5 miles with an average speed of 17.5 mph.

Great job guys!  We look forward to riding with you next year!
As a way to say “Thanks”, Rich took us to the Tilted Kilt ( in Watertown.  Not sure how Rich knows about this fine eating establishment, but let’s just say the food wasn’t the only thing that was good.  I must admit, after spending 6 hours in the saddle with the sun beating down on your back, it was refreshing to sit and watch….um, the BIG screen TVs.  Actually, the food was really good and beer was cold and refreshing.  All in all, it was a fitting end to a really nice day on bikes.
Tomorrow we have a stop at the Jefferson County SPCA then it’s off to Ogdensburg!

Ride On!


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