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We made it to Ogdensburg,NY

Posted by vohnjec on June 26, 2010

We arrived around noon into the Ogdensburg,NY area and then headed to the border for the obligatory photos.

After the border, we headed off to Yves Dupont’s place for a shower and to warm up (yes, the rain got heavier and the temperature got colder, and we were not quite as happy as in previous days’ riding). After the shower, we headed to the St Lawrence Valley SPCA.

We had an amazing reception at this SPCA. They had received help from their Pepsi distributor in creating an awesome “Welcome Pedaling4paws Riders” banner. They also fed us a great variety of excellent wraps, fruit, cookies and drinks. After that reception, we visited their very impressive facility and chatted for about an hour. Our hosts (see photo, from left to right) were Karen Cunningham, Ingrid Baltradis, and Carolyn Filippi. Many other staff members but as you can imagine, the needs here are the same – more supplies, more money and more volunteers! We were very pleased to hear that our fellow cyclists from the Canton Bicycle Club made a significant donation. That started the ball rolling for other local businesses and individuals. The result – the St Lawrence Valley SPCA is receiving great benefit from Pedaling4Paws! For that we are very greatful but do acknowledge that the local newspaper, television and poster placements (the SPCA put our poster in local businesses and common areas to promote Pedaling4Paws) were invaluable to the positive results.

More stats and photos later or more likely more after we return to PA!

Thanks to all for the support and for following along!

Viktor, Mike, Gary, and Ellen (our organizer and blog mistress extraordinare.


One Response to “We made it to Ogdensburg,NY”

  1. Nadine Bean said

    Gary – You didn’t call me to tell me that you were safe and at the end of your journey! ‘-(

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