A 5-day, 500 mike charity bike ride through PA and NY to raise money for animal rescue

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Bike Clubs Along the Way

Posted by vohnjec on June 7, 2010

There are several bicycle clubs along the Pedaling4Paws route. We’ve contacted the following:

West Chester Cycling Club – they will be there with a group riding the first morning, another group continuing the first day and a 3rd group riding two days.

Brandywine Bicycle Club – They’ve been invited and it looks like a number of people are trying to get their schedules to accommodate at least one day of riding.

Penn State Cycling Club – Invited, but no reply as yet – let’s home some of the members see the cue sheets and join us!

Lehigh Wheelmen – Contacted, but still waiting to hear from their president. Hopefully he’s already forwarded information to the rest of the membership.

Southern Tier Bicycle Club – These guys rock! We already had people from last year contact us and looks like they’ve already posted this ride on their list of rides for June. Expect to see many Southern Tier folks – certainly from the NY/PA border up to at least Syracuse! (Many have already said they hope to join us, weather permitting).

Onondaga Cycling Club – Another club that rocks – this club is in and around the Syracuse area, and one of their Board of Directors, Bill Goffe tells me he announced the ride on the clubs listserv, so hopefully we’ll catch up with a number of Onondaga riders. So far, it hasn’t been posted on their club’s calendar of rides, but if you are an OCC member, please update that list so others can join us!

Jefferson County Cycling Club – Actually, we haven’t invited them yet because as I post this blog, I realized that I have a phone number, but no name. I will correct this shortly and hope to see many Jefferson County cyclists on the road around Watertown!

If your club isn’t listed above, post on this blog and let us know so we can make contact. If you are one of the many in the clubs above, please post to let us know where you plan to meet with us and/or how many people you expect to bring along for the ride. We welcome all and look forward to seeing your blogs and you in a couple of weeks!


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